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Q. Do I need an immigration lawyer?

A. Immigration law is complicated. A skilled immigration lawyer can guide you through the confusing maze and explain the pros and cons of specific paths. The consultation fee is money well spent and lays the foundation for success. Too often individuals try to save on the consultation fee only to find themselves stuck on a path that leads to unforeseen consequences.

Q. Do you offer free consultations?

A. Unfortunately, no. Too much information is processed during a consultation, which generally takes an hour or more. However, we do screen all new inquires before scheduling a consultation to ensure your case is a good fit with our services.

Q. I'm interested in an E-2 visa. How much do I have to invest?

A. The Foreign Affairs Manual guides the adjudication of E-2 visas. It does not specify a minimum investment amount. Rather it requires the investment be sufficiently substantial to ensure the success of the E-2 enterprise given the nature of the business. To determine whether an investment is substantial, we look to the Proportionality Test. The Proportionality Test divides the amount invested by the total cost of the business and expresses this value as a percentage. For example, an investor invests $80,000 in a business that costs $100,000. This results in an 80% investment ($80,000 / $100,000 = .8 or 80%). The lower the cost of the business, the higher the percentage of investment is required. Thus, while a business that costs $100,000 may require an 80% or $80,000 investment, a large business that costs $100 million may only require a 10% or $10 million investment. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the E-2 visa.

Q.I only have $50,000 to invest. Is it possible to get an E-2 visa?

A. Very possibly. It depends on the nature of your business. I have successfully secured E-2 visa approvals for investments varying from $25,000 to $1.2 million.